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Benefit of Holistic Life Coach:


There are various ways in which a Holistic Life Coach can help you. Health is one of them. Discover some of the benefits this approach has to offer.

What began as a metabolic adaptation problem ended up opening doors to a brand new vision. This change can improve life tremendously.

This shift is critical. It leaves such positive results in me that it decides to take one step further, and become a Certified Holistic Life Coach.

Sometimes it takes more courage to ask for help than to act alone.” – Ken Petti

Working with a Coach

We all have strengths and weaknesses.

There’s no single human being who excels at everything. Even those who are highly skilled also have areas in which they need improvement.

Some may be intelligent, but lack social skills. Others are strong, but may don’t have an eye for detail. And this list is infinite.

While many things can be self-taught or learned through training, others may require a more personal approach. So, instead of following some one-size-fits-all education, you can hire a Coach, who will guide through success.

Personal Trainers, for example, are coaches who help people get fit. Organization Coaches can help you declutter your home. A Finance Coach assist you to keep your budget in check.

Depending on the challenges and difficulties you are experiencing, you may need the support of one or more coaches. They will help you achieve clarity and with their knowledge, lead you to success.

Behind goal setting

Let’s take resolutions as an example. We are brainwashed to make changes in our life. Sometimes it’s treated as a joke. Other times, it becomes peer pressure.

Losing weight, stopping smoking or adding a certification to your curriculum are all great goals, but are they yours? Are they the best choice for you right now? Are they what you want and need at the moment?

Are you joining a gym because a friend told you had to lose weight? Is it your partner who is pressing you to quit smoking? Did your boss tell you to attend a particular course so that you can climb the corporate ladder?

Note that these are all straightforward examples. Yet, the suggestion can also be indirect and even (or more) persuading.

Setting goals, or resolutions, however, should never be based on the wishes of someone else. Such aspirations rarely bring good results because they aren’t truly YOURS!

It doesn’t matter how well-intentioned people around you are. If it’s not your time, whatever they want for you won’t happen.

Hiring the best Personal Trainer, working with the best coach or attending the most respected schools won’t be enough. You’ll feel like probably quitting after the slightest challenge.

If you force yourself to it just to please them, you’ll feel horrible about yourself. And guilty, my friend, doesn’t do a person any good.


Holistic Life Coaching

Coaching, in general, is about developing “concrete” aspects of your life, personality or skills. A Holistic Life Coach works with the “whole”. Its aim is to discover the client’s personal path to holistic wellness, boost brain power, and achievement of lasting results.

To help you understand the scope, let’s compare a Personal Trainer (PT) and a Holistic Life Coach.

As a PT, I can write you a unique training program that will help you achieve the fitness level you wish for. As a Holistic Life Coach, though, I can assess whether it’s what’s best for you at the present moment. Besides, I’ll also walk you through other aspects of your life that can support or block your progress. It goes beyond the Body. It’s an approach that also takes into consideration your Mind and Spirit as key parts of your success.

Your readiness plays a crucial role in your path towards a goal. All your efforts will be wasted if:

·      you are not ready

·      you are not willing to do what needs to be done

·      you don’t feel the need to change within you

Another way a Holistic Life Coach can help you is by guiding you to what you actually need and are ready to commit.

Maybe for you starting working out is not as urgent as making dietary changes. Or before adding more to-dos to your list, you need to find internal balance, for instance.

When working with me, you may realize that:

·      your weight loss need of yours may be solved with stress management

·      exercising could support your quit smoking efforts

·      a change would be more beneficial than remaining in your current career

These may be general, but they are realistic examples.

In such cases, a Holistic Life Coach is the most appropriate person to go to because he or she will treat you, your wishes and needs as a whole.

“The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease.” – Dr. B. J. Palmer

How It can help you

It’s time to look deeper into your motivations if you are tired of trying to improve your health without success by:

·      adopting the latest diet hype

·      joining different gyms and hiring Personal Trainers

·      forcing yourself into new habits

·      following someone else’s wishes

·      feeling overwhelmed and stressed all the time

·      living in a way that it is costing your health