Greetings and congratualtions on wanting to expand your knowledge, and grow your life coaching business through the Spencer Institute.

Thank you for taking the time to learn how the Spencer Institute will enhance your life - personally and professionally. From a personal perspective, you will learn techniques and systems that enhance your own well-being. And, in return, you will gain multiple skills to enhance the lives of others.

You will re-power yourself and then re-power the lives of others. I say "re-power" as opposed to "empower" because we all have the power. Sometimes it just needs to be awakened and given direction.

The coaching industry offers you endless career options. You can become any type coach you want. There are NO LIMITS to your opportunities. Listen to your heart when it tells you, "YOU CAN DO THIS!" I personally know coaches who are making global changes and - at the same time - living the life of their dreams. They enjoy a work-at-home lifestyle, travel, a strong income and the satisfaction of knowing they are enhancing lives. Could you ask for more?

Your coaching business can take place in a one-on-one setting, on the phone, in a small group, in an online format, or any combination. Many coaches make up to (and beyond) $15,000 per day speaking on their specific coaching techniques. You may opt to conduct lunch time seminars on your coaching specialty to smaller groups at corporations. The choice is always yours.